What your child learns before s/he enters school is what s/he will remember for the rest of his or her life.

There is a common misconception: Preschools simply prepare children for 'big school'. At kidzee, however, we have a different belief. For us, preschool is that life-defining stage where your children learn to discover their strengths and abilities. Research has proven that at this age, brain activity is at its peak. The child is like a Sponge-the stimuli s/he experiences leave impressions that last for a lifetime. Simply put, everything your child learns after the age of five is a veinforcement of what s/he has already learnt at preschool.

Our Centre

Well decorative classrooms and good infrastructre. Suitable for children. We continue to develop child-friendly curriculum and child-safe environment.
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Fun and learning activities so that children learn effectively and enjoy study. we make note of the mode of learning that most interests your child.
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Our Events

Here we organize many events occasionaly so your children have every opportunity to discover the unique potential they were born with.
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Innovative methods of teaching
At kidzee, we believe your child has unique potential. Hence, we've tailored our preschool course, such that it gives your child every opportunity to explore and discover his or her own innate abilities. We call this learning process iLLUMETM It's not about how good your child is. It's about how your child is good. This is the driving force of ILLUME. We lay before your child diverse pathways. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal. Your child is free to choose the path that makes it easiest to understand and learn the 3 Rs: Reading, writing and Arithmetic. With keen observation, we make note of the mode of learning that most interests your child. We then build your child's activities around his or her preferred learning mode. In doing this, your child grows at his or her pace and learns HOW to think rather than WHAT to think.
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